Newton Consulting Group Inc. is one of the world's leading business communication consulting companies that provide brand strategy and brand consulting services to create brands of the future.

The organization is headquartered in New York. The firm philosophy is " I know that I don't know' and in alignment to the philosophy we believe that every business, brand and product promotion strategy prescribed is a result of thorough diagnosis and analysis to connect the brands with their focused potential using the power of communication.

Newton® as the brand name signifies science, that defines every action. We at Newton® use scientific proprietary psychographic methodologies to evaluate challenges related to stakeholders business, market place, predicting the new age consumer to derive insights that assist structure the product/ brand/ business positioning in alignment to the top-line mission.

Newton Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Newton Consulting Inc, New York.

In the last 8 years we have grown both in size and recognition as a brand consultancy company in India and have a record of 100% success achievement on every consulting project delivery. We offer Consulting, Analysis, Creative, Brand Cloning Training™ services to our clients. With a customized solutions approach aided by insights from our proprietary analysis we are able to achieve our client's corporate image, brand positioning, product showcase, advertizing communication and go-to-market goals.

Key Divisions - Consulting and Creative

Consulting Business Unit - Building Business & Brand Strategies

We Correct & Connect By Diagnosing, Analyzing, Prescribing The Right Route For Success
Using proprietary analytical tools like BUD©, Mind Maps© & Consumer Science©, Newton® diagnoses the client's business challenges, analyzes their business needs, prescribes an apt strategy for success and hand-holds the clients in their strategy implementation.

Simply put these tools are used to study, analyze and interpret the potentials' thought streams, beliefs and perceptions towards brands/products/services. The methodology adopted to create the strategy covers a detailed understanding of social persuasion, motivation triggers and decision-making process.

The epicenter lies in the psychological approaches adopted by Newton® in a practical scenario to understand the situation at hand and develop effective and quantifiable strategies for the client, based on a complete x-ray of the consumer's mind. Thus, when the laid out communication strategy that would involve brand strategy, digital marketing strategy and advertizing design is implemented through media engagement, the plan has a guaranteed 100% connectivity and relativity with the consumer / target audience.

Creative Business Unit - Top ranked Advertising Agency

We Conceptualize, Visualize & Create Advertizing Communication

Newton® believes that every plan needs to have the right imagery that communicates the end objectives to the target audience. To support the communication consulting business group and creative business group, Newton® has a full-fledged in-house creative agency team in India to support our international and national clients.

We conceptualize, visualize and develop appealing creative concepts and design for advertizing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns and production of advertizing films. The advertising strategies provided are marvels that precisely connect with the target audience we desire to connect with. Our creative concepts and designs are authentic, inspiring and it simply works because we are habituated to create success as an organization.

How We do?

In our own style
Newton's idea of gravity was not just pure science! It was an inspiration. The fallen apple rolled down his creative mind inquisitively to adopt a scientific approach and landed up eventually in the discovery of gravity. We at Newton® equally balance the two spheres of thought processes namely science and creativity through our analytical, logical tools and our innovative concepts to connect businesses with people.


Create a brand identity with a design embraced by an inspiring and innovative thought.


Personify brand vision and mission embedded with the core business values.


Create a distinct impression by classifying the brand values in the most effective way.


Showcase brand competency and credibility with compelling concepts, persuasive designs and content.


Promote the brand imagery and competence by creating engaging transactional tools.


Reach worldwide audience using online technology, search engine optimized content, distinct designs and lucid imagery.


Promote brand expertise, credibility and services by showcasing the journey and success in an audio-visual experience.


Create the blue print for success by evaluating the brand connect to its potential and its existing brand salience in a competitive environment.


Using the power of inherent strengths and market intelligence, create talking points for the brand to stand tall and be differentiated.


Create the single most powerful visible manifestation of the brand; a logo which is unique though comprehensible to the market and potential.


Build brand protocols that run consistently through the brand journey to create steady recognition.


Give the brand a consistent look and feel in order to create a legible impact and pleasing appeal by customizing visual elements.


Guide internal customers with a prescribed document detailing the process oriented brand engaging methodology to effectively engage potential.


Relate the brand credibility and value systems with the brand strategy to connect with its potential through thematic and innovative advertizing concepts.


Leverage the power of technology and align with out-of-the-box creativity to assist elevate the client's consumer/ customer engagement online and in social media.


Make the product memorable by giving it a catchy, unique, easy-to-remember name which can be trademarked.


Make the product more recognizable and relatable using an engaging logo design that stands out in the crowded market place.


A differentiating statement by extracting uniqueness from features, advantages and benefits of the product.


Focus on what looks good, feels good and create product designs that appeal to more sensory triggers.


Differentiate the product by creating a sense of belonging with the consumers using facts and concepts.


Cater to the newer markets and potential by creating products that synergizes with the existing manufacturing capabilities of the company.


Communicate seamlessly with the target audience through an engaging product promotion plan using the most cost effective mediums.


Create curiosity and engagement for the product by conceptualizing innovative campaign themes.


Leverage the power of technology and align with out-of-the-box creativity to assist elevate the client's consumer/ customer engagement online and in social media.

7 Ps

Diagnosis and a thorough evaluation of Product, Positioning, Place, Price, People, Process and Promotion.


Identify the brand energy resources and their need gaps, and to create a bridge that assist in the brand rejuvenation.


Strategize and plan to strengthen the have-nots in the 7 Ps in order to rejuvenate the brand.


Create a conceptually powerful ambience that offers a new talking point for the brand.


Build on the newness and communicate innovatively to the potential using the power of advertizing communication.


Evaluate the success parameters of the business's energizing structure, created at regular intervals to test the processes of brand strategy.


Check, measure and realign the undesired outcomes in the process of brand revitalization with periodic inspection of the processes.


Evaluate capabilities and limit exaggerations while analyzing the core management, people, market and business.


Scientifically evaluate, identify and recommend the apt area of business expansion for inorganic business growth.


To create a holistic success approach for the business by marrying logic, experience and numbers together.


Plan the building blocks of the new venture scientifically using business market intelligence and market realities.


Evaluate organization capabilities and create a product strategy that could create exceptional value for both the potential and the organization.


Communicate the newness by creating innovative concepts that reflect the brand's credibility.


Create a route map based on the analysis to enablethe brand reach its potential in the most effective way.


Plan and create an organizational framework in a way that will correlate to the product, positioning, promotion and potential.

Team: 200 Years Of Management Experience

Ever Evolving, Continuously Learning, Innovatively Vibrant........Whatever you call.


Doris Pooser Strome

Executive Director - International Operations

Consulting Specialty - Fashion, Style & Personal Care Vertical

A Mathematics Degree Holder & a Global fashion & style business Icon, Doris Pooser is Executive Director - Newton® International Ops and Founder Member of Newton® Consulting Group. Doris brings to Newton® 25 years of global experience & has handled key offices & senior management portfolios including being the President, CEO and founder of AIS Marketing Services, Inc, New York.

Doris is member of The Fashion Group International, The Accessories Council, Women in Communications, The National Association of Female Executives, AICI: Association of Image Consultants International. Doris operates from offices in US, China & India and is a resident of New York City and Paradise Valley, Arizon

Doris has created a revolutionary Proprietary Personal Profile® an online personal advisory and shopping tool, available in the US, India and China, providing advice and product recommendations for consumers based on their physical characteristics and individual needs

The resulting data warehouse with 150 data fields allows to provide target advertizing, sampling opportunities and promotional programs as well as to generate an in depth consumer report for use in product development, inventory control and consumer predictive behavior for manufacturers and retailers

Doris Pooser is an avid reader as well as an award winning, world-renowned author of nine best-sellers worldwide.

Marshall Strome (MD, MS, FAC)

Executive Board Member

Specialty- Healthcare, Medical & Wellness

An Executive Board Member of Newton® Consulting, is President and Director of Center for Head and Neck Oncology and Co-Director of the Head and Neck Transplantation program, Center for Facial Reconstruction, at St. Luke's Roosevelt Medical Hospital in New York City.

Dr. Marshall Strome serves on the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee and the Gene Transfer Safety Assessment Board for the NIH (The National Institute of Health-United States of America).

In addition to serving on Boards of Medical Organizations, globally, and a recipient of hundreds of honors and awards, Dr. Marshall Strome is a Medical Superhero has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records (Medical Heroes) Millennium Edition and is listed in Who's Who in Medicine and The Best Doctors in The United States of America. He continues his medical practice, consultations, lectures and presents Internationally.

Dr. Strome in the past has served as Senior Surgeon at Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts; Coordinator at Harvard Medical School; and Chairman and Professor at Cleveland Clinic Head and Neck, Cleveland, Ohio. While at the Cleveland Clinic, he performed the first total human laryngeal transplantation, developed a new endoscopic approach for laryngeal cancer, performed the first robotic laser surgery for laryngeal malignancy and a developed new surgical procedure for aspiration

Karen Giberson

Executive Board Member

Specialty: Marketing, Experiential & Public Relation

Karen has over 20 years of experience in marketing, merchandising and public/ media relation space & is the President of The Accessories Council, a non-profit national advocacy group that represents some of the biggest names in the industry. Karen is a visionary & sets goals for organisation she works & consults for and is responsible for 16 mega experiential annual events including the esteemed ACE Awards.

Karen has a wide experience in the experiential marketing and as the Director of Event Marketing for QVC, she was responsible for bringing some of the shopping Mecca's most wildly successful programs and products.

Currently, she is an executive producer for 'Avec Eric', a show on PBS featuring chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, Crown Consumer Brands, Estee Lauder Companies, and QVC. Karen has consulted for companies in the likes of Miramax Films, Always In Style, ElyseRyan Jewelry, HCI Direct, Tracy Reese to name a few.

Karen has many professional affiliation and holds key offices as being Founding Member/ Accessories Council, Board of Directors in the Gibson Foundation, Advisory Board Member-Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, Co-Founder/ Brain Barter & holds a Diner Chair in the Chabad's Children of Chernobyl.

Daniel Johnson

Executive Board Member

Specialty: SFX, 3D & Film Production.

Daniel A. Johnson's early involvement in Production Technology and 3D animation for Film and Television set the foundation for the industry as we know it today. With a Masters in Computer Graphics Animation from the New York Institute of Technology in the mid 80's, Daniel was scouted to work for Digital Effects Inc, one of the first CGI special effects companies in American, working on projects for Disney and other Famous Hollywood Film studios.

Some of his credible work include, The Navigator, Tron, and over 20 advertizing commercials to his credit during that period. Since 1984, Daniel has worked on projects with global companies as The Mill, Nice Shoes, AT&T, Time Warner, Disney, Manhattan Advanced Digital, Data Motion Arts and Image Group to name a few.

Daniel has directed and produced many computer graphic commercials and interactive projects for companies and brands such as 'People Choice Awards', 'Rolex', 'Pizza Hut', 'CUC International', 'Vtek Toys', 'P&G', 'Revlon', 'Estee Lauder' and 'CNN News'. Post achieving credible heigts in his career in the USA, Daniel spent five years in Europe as a Media & Technology Consultant for Pixibox France and Thompson Digital Military Software Group.

As interactive technologies (Web 1.0) were developing, Daniel was working on the cutting edge Time Warner interactive trials in the 1990's, Daniel was one of the first individuals to deploy V.O.D. (Video On Demand) over IP and followed that concept through to the founding of V.O.D.U.S.A. where he functioned as the V.P. of Business Development and as an equity partner.

Daniel is also founder and partner in boutique interactive web media agency called 59 Souls Inc., located in the SoHo District of New York City. Their focus is on complex, high profile, customized projects using web 2.0 tools.

Mel Warriner

Executive Board Member

Specialty - Human Resource & Customer Care

Mel Warriner brings to Newton® Consulting Group three decades of expertise and has delivered research based internal customer and work force solutions to a diverse range of enterprises. Mel served as Vice President at Disney, Gallup and Marriott and provided critical stage leadership for eight private equity ventures (green fields and consolidations) in the service sector. The foundation of his work is rooted in brand differentiation and company culture as gateways to enhanced business performance.

Mel has contributed signature elements to strategies and business models for 15 (Fortune 500 and Private) brands and brand extensions in the retail, hospitality, healthcare industries. He directed 12 Human Resources teams at the unit, region, division and corporate levels, from green field startups to global, multi-site functions.

As an independent researcher and in collaboration with Gallup, Zogby and other firms, Mel's market and organization research fueled the creation of proprietary marketing, human resources and customer services applications including customer affinity profiles on 150 global brands. Mel Warriner work is cited in such best sellers at First, Break All the Rules, Fit In, Identity Zones, The Value Profit Chain and The Scientific Basis of Integral Medicine.


We are symbiotic!

We excel as a team to grow individually! You won't be an employee but a member in the Newton® family. We believe in sharing everything from bread and brunch to values and wisdom. Our work culture doesn't believe in win-win, as we define success as a singular entity. We win together!

Current Openings:

1) Research Analyst
Exp: 1 to 4 Yrs

2) Assistant Sales Manager
Exp: 1 to 5 Yrs

3) HR Generalist
Exp: 2 to 5 Yrs

4) Website Developer
Exp: 0 to 2 Yrs


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